Consistency is key for weight loss

A new study suggests that slowly but steadily shedding pounds each week can be more beneficial for long-term weight loss than seeing your weight drastically drop, only to rise again. Developing a stable schedule of healthy eating and exercise can help with keeping your weight management consistent, said Emily Feig, lead author of the study […]

13 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard that 95 percent of all diets fail. In other words, almost everyone who loses weight eventually regains it. This isn’t true, but it’s easy to understand why so many of us believe it. The problem isn’t really with diets. It’s with a lack of guidance after your diet. Christopher Sciamanna, M.D., discovered […]

The Smart Hotel of the Future

Technology and the Millennials The problem with technology as a term in the hospitality industry is that it’s so ubiquitous that it becomes difficult to single out what developments are the most important for the next five years. Hoteliers have been cautious of technology taking away the human effect from the guest service and experience. […]

Airbnb vs The Hotel Industry

As Airbnb, the largest peer-to-peer exchange service for hospitality around the world, continues to grow, the government has taken notice. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman argues that Airbnb rentals should be regulated like hotels and Airbnb providers should be subject to hotel occupancy taxes. Airbnb argues its business model merely connects hosts who rent […]

Fashion revolution

The 10th of May 1994 was the most visible and significant day in our history. The inauguration of President Mandela attracted visiting diplomats from 140 countries. Many millions of television viewers worldwide tuned in for the auspicious event. Only tragically, when our big moment finally arrived, we found – to our utter astonishment – that […]